2017 March Featured Employee

Brent Beatty



March’s featured employee is Brent. He is a cashier at our R Street Shell in Merced. He’s been with the company since 2006.
He listed his favorites as Spaghetti, Tucker & Dale vs Evil and paintball.
The perfect vacation is camping and fishing with family and friends.
‘The best part of work at R Street Shell is my co-workers’.
Brent enjoys archery, drawing, bowling, woodworking, rafting just to name a few. Wow this is one busy guy.
We thank Brent for his 10 years of service.

2017 February Featured Employee

Melissa f


February’s featured employee is Melissa. She will greet you at the Merced bulk plant office.

She has favorites which include anything spicy, watching the ‘Twilight’ series, Cowboys football and watching her kids play soccer.

Vacation would be at least 2 weeks (preferably more) in ‘Hawaii’ with the kids.

Asked about working for Tesei Petroleum, “The family atmosphere and awesome co-workers.”

We thank Melissa for her service to Tesei Petroleum.

2017 January Featured Employee



Our first featured employee for 2017 is Wyatt. He is one of our dispatcher/customer service reps at our main office in Madera. He will take your order, collect payments and trouble shoot problems.

His favorites are any type of food, all the Star Wars movies and loves all sports especially Football and Hockey.

His dream vacation would be to go Ireland to tour the Guiness Brewery.

Asked about what the best part of working at Tesei Petroleum, “Working with great people”

Did I mention he is a major ‘Raiders’ fan and part of the Raider Nation.

It has been a pleasure to have Wyatt in our office, his is passionate about his love of family, sports and work.

2016 Christmas Party

We all met at ‘The Vineyard’ restaurant December 11th for another wonderful fun filled evening. Good food, drink and conversion. Thanks Chris for another successful evening.

Bobby Hernandez started off the evening with a prayer of thanks. Gail made a toast to his Dad, whom we all miss very much.

We handed out our service awards:

35 years – Kimberly Thomas, Finance Director

15 years – Fred Gaumnitz, Retail Store Manager

10 years – Brent Beatty, R Street Shell
10 years – Harold Watson, Chowchilla Shell

5 years – Gary Bandoni, Merced Bulk Plant
5 years – Melissa Fountain, Merced Bulk Plant
5 years – Scott McFarland, Merced Bulk Plant
5 years – Jeff Schindler, Merced Bulk Plant
5 years – Bill Warner, Merced Bulk Plant
5 years – Marcelle Griffin, Chowchilla Bulk Plant
5 years – James Cisneros, R Street Shell

1 year – Eddie Cullen, Madera Bulk Plant
1 year – Paul Sandro, Madera Bulk Plant
1 year – Jimmy Greer, Madera Bulk Plant
1 year – Joseph Thompson, Gateway Shell

Tesei Petroleum would like to extent it’s thanks to all our employees for all they do. It’s their hard work that makes the our company successful.

2016 December Featured Employee



Say Hello to Benito, he works at our Madera Bulk Plant warehouse and has been with us for 19 years.

You will see him filling LPG cylinders, filling oil orders and making sure our plant is ship shape.

His favorites are Chinese food and watching soccer.

A dream vacation would be 2 weeks in Cancun.

Asked about working at Tesei Petroleum, he enjoys working with the Tesei’s.

                                                                                                          He is also involved with his church.

                                                                                                         We thank him for the years of service to Tesei Petroleum.

2016 November Featured Employee


Meet Scott, he works out of our Chowchilla warehouse and has been with us since 2009.  You may see him working on the station pumps or helping customers at the warehouse.  He can also be seen working with Fred at one of our dealer stations.

His favorites are sushi, beef and all the peanut butter.  Enjoys watching documentaries and football.  Keeps in shape by powerlifting.

The perfect vacation would be an all-expenses paid to Las Vegas, the shows, scenery, adventure and of course the food.

Working at Tesei Petroleum, I really enjoy being trusted to manage multiple projects, work independently, consistent workloads and constantly learning.

I’m a volunteer firefighter with the City of Chowchilla, thousand pound club member, alleged “Strongest man in Chowchilla’, according to co-worker Marcelle.

2016 Company Picnic


6th Annual Company Picnic

Saturday, September 17, 2016 we held our Company Picnic and all who attended enjoyed the day.

We want to thank all those who brought goodies for us to eat and thanks to the Tesei’s for contributing the Tri-Tip, hot links and drinks.  Gail had help at the grill and everything was cooked to perfection.

For the kids we had a bounce house and a kids table which included color crayons, lots of paper and Halloween stickers.  The Adults enjoyed horseshoes and a raffle with gifts supplied by some of our vendors.

Horseshoe teams were:

Fred and Scott – Tournament Winners

Kim and Santos

Wyatt and Tim

The winners received a $50.00 Costco gift card each.

This year our vendors really stepped up for our raffle.  We want to thank all of you for your contributions to our event.

Fansler Restaurant Group $100.00 gift card – Dean Industrial – Curt Denney

(2) Home Depot $50.00 gift card – Northwest Pump – David Schuler

(4) Costco $25.00 gift cards – PSI – Sue

Home Depot $50.00 gift card – Meeder Equipment – Armando

Insulated Lunch Bags: Red, Blue and Black – Mission Linen – Henry Gomez

Travel Toiletries Bag – Mission – Henry Gomez

Monster LED sign – Coke Cola – Gateway Shell

(5) Yeti Tumbler (with company logo) – Citgo – Phil Keffer

Craftsman Tool Set – Junior (CNG)

Golf Bag – Ameripride – Joe Sanchez

(7) Thermos Water Bottles – Tesei Petroleum

10 cases of water and 3 cases of Planters Peanuts – MTC – Gateway Shell

We also received some items from customers and thank you.

John Deer Collector’s Tractor – Midland Tractor

Water Melons (best I have ever tasted) – Van Klaven Farms

2016 September

Marty Woodley

This is Marty, he is a Cashier at our Gateway Shell station in Madera. He joined our team in 2013.
He is a big Miami Dolphins fan and would love to vacation at one of the home games. Enjoying pizza and his family.
Asked about what he liked about his job, “Working in a family oriented business’.
Marty is a member of the Native America and Epilepsy Parent.
Thank you Marty for your contributions to the team environment we have created.

2016 June Featured Employee

Gary Alexander

Our featured employee for June is Gary Alexander.  He came to work as a Transport Driver in 2014.  He delivers fuel to our Shell stations, company bulk plant, cardlocks and farming accounts.

His favorite foods are anything sweet, movie ‘Top Gun’ and watches football and baseball.

His dream vacation is taking 2 weeks in a row, we’ll have to see what we can do!

Asked about Tesei Petroleum. “Working for a small company – Like family’.

Gary also added “Work, Work and more Work the moral to my Mojo!”

Thanks Gary for your service to Tesei Petroleum and you continued good humor.

2016 May Featured Employee

Pat Cox 2

This months Featured Employee is Pat Cox. She came to work for us in 2004 as a cashier at Chowchilla Shell. Her dedication and ethics, she was promoted to Store Manager at R Street Shell where you can find her today.

Favorite foods include Chinese and Mexican
Favorite movie is Dances with Wolves
Likes watching Nascar and local racing

Asked what a dream vacation would be, ‘Going to Hawaii and an Alaskan Cruise’ sounds like a wonderful vacation; both locations are beautiful.

Asked about working at Tesei Petroleum, ‘The people I work for and with. I have learned a lot since I started and hope to learn more!’

Pat has been a pleasure to know and work with, we appreciate everything she has accomplished here at Tesei Petroleum and will continue to help her along in her career.