R Street Shell, Merced

The R-Street Shell service station operates at the corner of R Street and 13th Street in Merced, CA.

R Street Shell

R Street Shell

1245 R Street
Merced, CA  95341

Phone: (209) 384-2477

Hours of Operation:
Every day, 5am to 10pm.

Available Services

Shell Fuels

Purchase Shell gasoline. Pay at the pump with your Shell credit card, other credit card, debit card, fleet card, or gift card. Or pay cash inside the store.

Food Mart

Shop Food Mart for your convenience.

Air and Water

Air and water is free to customers during business hours, just ask an associate to turn on the pump!

Propane Tank Refill

This site offers refill service for propane cylinders, such as those for catering trucks and gas barbeques. Just come inside and our associates will be happy to assist you. Please leave your tank outside.

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