2017 October Featured Employee

Nick Sylvester

Meet Nic, he works at our Chowchilla warehouse and will fill your propane cylinders and your oil needs.  He started out as a Cashier at Chowchilla Shell and when an opening came for the warehouse we asked him to move over to that position.  He has a great smile and hello for all his customers.  Make sure to stop in and say ‘Hi’.

We asked our Employee of the month what his favorites are:

He likes kimchi, watching ‘Being John Malkovich’ and Frisbee golf (will have to ask about this one).  Dream vacation is establishing a human space colony on Mars.

When asked about working at Tesei Petroleum, ‘Nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee and spilt diesel in the morning. My co-workers are pretty amazing as well’.  I’m part of the Shell Fuel rewards club.

Nic has been a wonderful addition to the Tesei family and we have enjoyed his smiles and enthusiasm for his job.

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