Tank Sales and Rental

Tesei Petroleum, Inc. sells and rents tanks to our customers for a variety of uses, including commercial and residential, and encompassing all fuel types (gasoline, diesel, propane, etc.).

Propane Tank Rental for Residential Use

For residential propane tank rental, we suggest a tank size based on expected usage. Expected usage is based primarily on the types of appliances in your home that use propane (heater, water heater, cloths dryer, etc), and how much and how often you use them. The home’s history of propane consumption is also considered (if that information exists/is available).

For residential customers, we rent the following tank sizes:

250 gallon325 gallon $85 per year

As part of our tank lease, you agree to purchase propane only from Tesei Petroleum. We do not permit other companies to fill our tanks. We reserve the right to remove the tank if you fail to purchase fuel from us on a regular basis, and also downsize or upsize your tank if your actual usage does not match the tank size.

Propane Tank Sale and Rental for Business and Farming Use

Business and farming customers rent or buy the tank size of their choice. We have many larger tanks available to commercial accounts that we do not offer to residential accounts.

Other Fuel Tanks

Other commercial fuel tanks, such as gasoline, diesel, and natural gas are for sale only. We do not rent these types of tanks.

Prices and available sizes on these tanks change often. Please contact us for a quote.