Budget Payment Plan

Spearheaded by our finance director, Kimberly Thomas, the Budget Payment Plan (BPP) option allows you to space out your propane costs into convenient monthly installments.

Chart of Example Yearly Propane Usage

Example only. Your usage may vary.

Avoid Sudden, Large Propane Charges

Normally, when a customer orders propane for their residence, the total amount of the propane sale is due and payable the following month. Depending on the situation and how low your tank is, you could easily go several months without paying for fuel and then suddenly have a propane bill of several hundred dollars! This is especially true during winter months, when propane rates are highest. With our budget payment plan, you pay on a monthly basis, and always the same amount!*

Even payments throughout the year!

Even payments throughout the year!

Every Plan is Personalized

When you enroll in our budget payment plan, we analyze your usage history and estimate how much fuel you will use for the next year. Then we estimate how much that fuel will cost in total, and divide that estimate into 12 equal monthly payments. Your payment is budgeted for your usage! We even add your tank rent to the budget, and we intentionally over-budget by a small percentage to avoid accidental underpayment. This reduces the chances of having a balance remaining at the end of the year.


The enrollment period for the budget payment plan is May 1-May 31 of each year. The plan year runs from June 1 – May 31. We chose a summer rollover date because the highest propane usage occurs in winter, so it works best if the entire winter takes place in a single plan year. When you sign up, your first budget payment is due by the 10th of June, and then the 10th of each month thereafter.


There are two discounts available to BPP customers: The routed service discount and the ACH discount. All BPP customers are routed, and will receive the 10 cent per gallon routed discount. By signing up for automatic payment on your account (via ACH, which directly debits your checking or savings), you receive a further 5 cents per gallon in savings.

End of the Plan Year

At the end of the plan year, any remaining balance on the plan will be applied to your account. If this balance is a credit, we will apply it to your next year’s budget, or you can ask us for a refund. If there is a balance due, any amount under $50 can be rolled into the next year’s plan. Your plan will then automatically renew with the same information, and you will receive a notice in late May with your new payment schedule for the next year.

Sign up this May!

Enrollment runs from May 1 to May 31. Sign up this year and say goodbye to unexpected propane bills!

Email: credit@teseipetro.com
Telephone: (559) 673-3597

Or visit our office.

*Subject to a maximum of two adjustments per plan year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the monthly payment determined?

First, we estimate your annual propane cost for the upcoming year based on your previous purchases and expected changes in the cost of propane. Then we add your tank rent, and adjust the budget up by a small percentage (over-budget). We divide this estimate by 12 to determine your monthly budget payment.

What happens in the 12th month?

This is the settlement month. You will make your final budget payment by the 10th. Near the end of April or beginning of May you will receive a notice letting you know your plan balance. Any credits will be automatically applied to the next year. Any balance due (under $50) will be applied to the next year as well. Any amount over $50 will be due and payable before your next plan can begin.

Your plan will then automatically roll over to the following year and you will receive a notice of your recalculated payment schedule.

Can my monthly payment change?

We monitor all plans during the entire year, to ensure that your payments and charges will balance out to zero in May. If you are overpaying or underpaying significantly, we may have to adjust your payment up or down. No more than two adjustments will occur during each plan year. Most customers get adjusted one time over the course of the year.

What if I don’t pay my BPP payment on time?

If you miss two payments in a row and do not bring your plan current, you will be removed from the plan and the entire balance, less your payments, is due in full. Balance also becomes subject to service charges. Routed and ACH discounts will be reviewed.

Are there any special requirements?

Yes. Your primary use of the propane must be for residential living only. Your account with Tesei Petroleum must also be paid in full before you begin a new plan.

Are there any discounts available with this plan?

Yes, routed customers (including BPP customers) will receive our routed customer rate, which is currently discounted by 10 cents per gallon. If you sign up for automatic (ACH) payments, we’ll give you an additional 5 cents off per gallon.

What if I’m already a routed customer and do not sign up for the BPP? Do I still get the routed customer rate?

Yes, all residential routed customers are receiving the discounted rate. You can also receive the automatic (ACH) payments discount. Because you are not a BPP customer, you entire balance is due the month after your tank is filled. Contact Sandra Ortega for additional information.

I’m not on a route and am not eligible to be routed, can I still be a BPP customer?

The BPP program was developed with the aim of keeping all tanks at 85% (full), decreasing the number of times we have to make special delivery trips, and avoiding propane run-outs. We generally require all BPP customers to be routed, but if your residence is ineligible to be routed, we can accept you as a Will-Call BPP customer. Please note that BPP Will-Call customers are required to fill their tank on each delivery.

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